By age nine, most children have their spiritual moorings in place.”

George Barna


At The Bridge of Hope, we believe that parents are the primary spiritual leaders for their families. We want to encourage, equip and propel you to take on the mighty challenge of discipling your children as followers of Christ. Our hope is that Sunday mornings are a launching point for your kids’ growth; that we start a conversation that carries on through the week with parents, siblings, grandparents, friends…


We want kids to engage with Jesus on a continuous basis, recognizing His presence in the everyday. For your kids, it’s a great hour with friends and Jesus. We want to equip them to lean on, listen to and learn from God through the experiences He gives them every day.


Bridge KIds is offered during our service. In an effort to build additional relationships that remain intentional and consistent, we hope that families will commit to attending the service each week. This allows your children to become familiar with the same adults and kids each week in their large and small group experience. These relationships become a trusted space as they lay the groundwork for their young faith. Our aspiration in cultivating these important connections in your home and at The Bridge of Hope, that they will grow in the most important relationship they’ll ever have, a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.


Your child’s safety is very important to us and we know that it is essential as you entrust your children to us each week. When you arrive, you will be checked in and each of your children will receive a nametag with an identification number for that day. Your child’s tag will also have any personal allergies that will help us protect them. You will be given a child-matched parent identification number and no child will be released from Bridge Kids without their matching parent tag. In addition, no one without a parent identification tag is allowed into Bridge Kids at all times on Sunday mornings. Beyond these weekly safety measures, every volunteer in Bridge Kids undergoes a thorough background check.


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