We're glad you chose to check us out and hope that you can make it to one of our services to say "hi" in person.

The Bridge of Hope Church is about people.

People who are passionately in love with Jesus, and want to share that love with others. We hope you'll feel at home here, connecting with people from your community and leaning in to God.

If you've never been to one of our weekend services, here's a couple of things you can expect:

Kids: Got 'em? Well, we love 'em. You can check your infant through 5th grader in to Bridge Kids while you attend the worship service. They'll have an awesome time while learning about God. Arrive a few minutes early to get them checked in on your first visit. Middle school and high school students meet during the week, so they stay in the worship.

A Friendly How-Do-You-Do: You'll be greeted on your way to the Worship Center by some nice folks who are here to make you feel welcomed to The Bridge of Hope Church.

Music: Our band -- typically keyboard, drums, guitars, bass, and a couple of singers -- varies from week to week. But what won't change is their heart to lead us in worshiping Jesus. It's kind of loud, but we think you'll like it. The first portion of the service is music. You can sing if you like. You can stand if you like. It's that easy.

Message: You'll hear from an engaging speaker who has some interesting things to say about God and life. Most of the time it's our Lead Pastor, Larry. We are sure that no matter who is speaking, you'll think, ask questions, and move a little closer to Jesus.

Connecting to others: After the service, grab some coffee and hang out, meet someone new, or say "hi" to old friends. And if you want to learn more about The Bridge of Hope Church, you can always stop by the Information table in the back of the worship center.

So there you go. Don't be a stranger and come check us out soon. We look forward to meeting you!


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