Whether you’ve witnessed it in the mesmerizing colors of an intricate sunset sky or felt it through a simple act of kindness or maybe found it in the expanse of a breathtaking landscape view, we’ve all had glimpses of a unique beauty that exists in the world around us.


This somewhat invisible force can seem intangible and mysterious, yet the Bible speaks clearly about what’s actually happening in these moments. The world is simply glorifying its Creator—it can’t avoid it. It’s what all of nature was


designed to do, now and for all of eternity. It’s what you were designed to do. 



Though we were designed to worship God with our lives, there’s a very real spiritual opposition to that purpose at play. There is a voice that whispers to us, trying to convince us that we deserve some measure of that glory—lead the life you want to live, achieve the things that will make you look good, and do what it takes to make yourself happy. As long as you keep following your heart, everything will eventually get better, right? Well, not quite.  It sounds good on the surface, but the reality is that glory belongs to God alone. When we listen to that voice and try to take it for ourselves, we exclude ourselves from the very purpose we were created to fulfill. Though He won’t force you to give Him the love and honor that is rightfully His, neither will He compete when you decide to position that glory elsewhere. 



Until we understand that the purest form of our purpose is to simply put glory in the right place, our lives will not make sense. When we can truly say in word and action, “Not my will, but Yours be done,” that’s when we are on the right track to our life-giving purpose. 



Scriptures to Read: Romans 1:20-25; Romans 5:1-11; Matthew 5:16





        Where might I be misdirecting glory in my life? 


        In what way am I not open to God’s purpose for my life because I’m distracted by my own pursuit of glory? 




Lord, I am in awe of how good You have been to me, though I deserve nothing. You are holy and perfect in every way, and I can’t think of a better way to use my life than to glorify You. I ask You today to use me for Your glory above all else. Help me to see where I am misdirecting glory to the wrong places and teach me to align my will with Yours. In Jesus’ name, amen.