If you were to put away your phone and computer for a few days, you would later discover that a lot of people felt it necessary to communicate with you during your hiatus. Unfortunately, much of the communication we receive today has little real impact on our lives. Most of it ends up being nothing more than camouflaged distraction. 



When the prophet Samuel was a little boy, God wanted to communicate with him, but God didn’t send Samuel an email or a text. God spoke directly to Samuel and waited for his reply (1 Samuel 3). It’s important for us to realize that God knows us individually and wants to communicate with us, too. Sadly,  we  often make our communication with God a one-way street where we do all the talking and offer God no time to respond. God created Samuel for a certain purpose, and it was important that Samuel took the time to hear what God had to say about that purpose. 


As we grow, if we’re not careful, we can lose some of the faith we had as a child. A child’s world is full of wonder and imagination. They have no problem believing that God would want to talk to them. As adults, we shouldn’t lose that sense of closeness to our Creator.


In Matthew 18:3, Jesus pulled a little child to Him and said, “Unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of Heaven.” Don’t let the skepticism in the world around you keep you from finding your God-given purpose. God wants to communicate with you as well. He knows you just like He knew Samuel. Ask God for the purpose He has for you and expect Him to respond.



Scriptures to Read: Matthew 7:7-8; Romans 11:29; Psalm 37:4





        Do I really expect to hear from God when I pray? 


        Am I confident in the purpose I was created for?  




Father, I believe that You created me for a purpose, and I also believe that You want me to be aware of that purpose. I ask You to make Your will for my life known to me, so that I may confidently do what You have called me to do. Just as You revealed Yourself and Your  purpose to Samuel through Your Word, I look to Your Word for direction. In Jesus’ name, amen.