Insignificance has its root in comparison. Due to the brokenness of humanity, we have the tendency to discount what God has given us and are driven to compare what we have with what others have — our gifts versus their gifts, our marriage versus their marriage. Insignificance slowly creeps in to how we view our service in the kingdom of God, and we find ourselves with feelings that foster an idle attitude toward what we have and what God has designed for our lives.  Scripture shows us that God often hides His most significant plans in very insignificant places. He hid Moses in a basket to preserve his life, and he eventually became the deliverer of the Jews from Egyptian bondage.


Elisha was found plowing a field before he replaced Elijah as a prophet. Jesus was hidden in a manger, and yet His contribution to God’s plan for all of mankind is the centerpiece of the gospel message. 



It’s important to understand that when we have feelings of insignificance around our service in God’s kingdom, God never views us or our service as insignificant. He has called and designed us to play our part. Giving in to these feelings has a hint of resistance to God’s plan for our lives. 



The single greatest skill we can learn in this life is to acknowledge God’s unique design for our lives and to accept the limits of our design. 




Scriptures to Read: Matthew 6:1-4; Hebrews 6:10




        What areas of my life do I tend to compare with others? 


        What are simple, practical ways I can acknowledge and appreciate my unique gifts and contribution to the kingdom of God? 




Dear Father, help me to recognize, appreciate, and acknowledge my significance, so You may receive glory from my unique service in Your kingdom. In Jesus’ name, amen.