Did your parents ever tell you that you were an accident? Even though they were thrilled that you were born, it makes you think, “Would things have been better had I been carefully planned?” 


God saw you coming even if your parents were caught off guard. He participated in your creation by forming you while you were yet in your mother’s womb! He knew you and He chose you to be His own before you took your first breath (Zechariah 12:1).  


You may not have been properly introduced earlier in your life, but God wanted a relationship with you from the very beginning. In fact, it is the number one reason you were born. You’ll never find “home” until you find your Heavenly Father. 


How, then, do we connect with this great, unseen God?


How do we cultivate the awareness of His presence within us? 


In Revelation 4, we read about 24 spiritual elders who are seated before God’s throne. Think of them as the wisest, purest people who ever walked on earth. In this chapter, we watch them connecting with God. What do they do? 


They simply begin to worship God and give Him thanks! It is obvious that they take tremendous pleasure in this exercise, and God, likewise, takes great pleasure in their worship. If you want to understand the deepest and most meaningful reasons for your creation, worship God. Give thanks to Him for every good thing you can think of. Spend a few minutes doing this early in your day and see if you don’t find yourself with new purpose and meaning for life. 


SCRIPTURES TO READ: Isaiah 44:2; Zechariah 12:1; Revelation 4:1-11




        Can I worship God even when I don’t feel His presence?


        Do I lose sight of His goodness by worrying about things I don’t have?




Heavenly Father, I worship You because You loved me, and You chose me to be Your very own child. My greatest purpose in life is to give glory to Your name. In Jesus’ name, amen.